Mantas Ezcaray Tartan Cream Mohair and Wool-Blend Scarf
Mantas Ezcaray Tartan Cream Mohair and Wool-Blend Scarf

Tartan Cream Mohair and Wool-Blend Scarf - No. 19B

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The plush mohair fabric used to make Mantas Ezcaray's Tartan Scarf is regarded as one of the most luxurious natural fibers in the world.

Combined with masterful craftsmanship and beautiful color compositions Mantas Ezcaray creates an eye-catching and super chic scarf.
A gorgeous addition to your winter wardorbe.

SIZE: 35 x 170 cm - UNISEX

COLORS: Cream base with red and multi-color pattern.

COMPOSITION: 70% mohair, 27% wool, 3% polyamide

WEIGHT: 350gr/m2

CARE: Mohair is a natural fibre that stands out for its countless qualities such as softness, shine, lightness and heating power. Mohair will always shed some hair, this is completely normal.

  • To care for your scarf and remove excess hair, use a hard clothes-brush and brush the blanket in the direction of the nap.
  • Before storing your scarf it is recommended to shake it a little, air it out, then brush it, fold it well and put it into a plastic bag.
  • If it needs to be washed use dry clean only.

Handloomed in Spain.