Mantas Ezcaray Rozco Color Block Mohair Throw
Mantas Ezcaray Rozco Color Block Mohair Throw

Rozco Color Block Mohair and Wool-Blend Throw

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The plush mohair fabric used to make Mantas Ezcaray's Rozco throw is regarded as one of the most luxurious natural fibers in the world.

Combined with masterful craftsmanship and beautiful color compositions Mantas Ezcaray creates a heirloom-quality accent throw.

The Rozco throws are, just like the Lisos throws, distinguished by their exceptional lightness and warmth. The shine and silkiness of the fibers allow for a bright and long-lasting colour. 

The beautiful color block pattern is inspired by the art works of Mark Rothko, giving the throw another dimnesion of elegance and luxury. A gorgeous addition to any room.

SIZE: 130 x 200 cm

COMPOSITION: 73% mohair, 24% wool, 3% polyamide

WEIGHT: 450gr/m2

CARE: Mohair is a natural fibre that stands out for its countless qualities such as softness, shine, lightness and heating power. Mohair blankets will always shed some hair, this is completely normal.

  • To care for your blanket and remove excess hair, use a hard clothes-brush and brush the blanket in the direction of the nap.
  • If the balnket feels dry after brushing it is recommended to moisten the blanket a little bit with a water spray and then brush it again. As soon as it dries it will look perfect, just as new.
  • Before storing your blanket it is recommended to shake it a little, air it out, then brush it, fold it well and put it into a plastic bag.
  • If it needs to be washed use dry clean only.

Handloomed in Spain.