Natural Laundry Soap - Super Frais
Natural Laundry Soap - Super Frais
Natural Laundry Soap - Super Frais

Natural Laundry Soap - Super Frais

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Kerzon’s fragranced laundry soap Super Frais is produced in France, in the heart of Provence, according to a traditional method based on natural and biodegradable oils.

Conceived for all-purpose laundering, it preserves the beauty of your favorite clothes and is kind to your skin, even the most sensitive.

Enriched with a subtle scent of Cedar & Ylang it cherishes your linens by bringing them softness and a delicate fragrance.

This laundry soap is perfectly formulated to tackle all your laundry challenges at temperatures of 30° to 95° C.

The Scent: Super Frais brings back memories of baby perfumes with a slightly aniseed citrus head and a honeysuckle heart on a cedar and ylang base.

Size: 1 litre, enables around 22 washes

  • Softening and soothing formula
  • Ensures a dazzling clean for all purpose washing
  • Perfect for the most sensitive types of skin
  • Machine and hand-wash friendly
  • Free of paraben, phtalate, sulphate, phenoxyethanol, silicon and colourings
  • 100% recyclable bottle

By using Kerzon's fragranced detergent you are helping to reduce water pollution, waste production and energy consumption. For ideal dosage and minimal impact on the environment, we recommend using the equivalent of one measuring cap by wash.