Precious Oil - Nails & Cuticles Care

Precious Oil - Nails & Cuticles Care

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Infused with sweet almond oil, the Precious Oil from Nailmatic restores your nails and cuticles to health and gorgeousness!

By softening the skin around the nail, Precious Oil enables it to be detached and gently rolled back if need be.
Made from 97% natural origin and plant-based ingredients.
Includes Vitamins E and F, which works wonders to repair damaged skin. Fragrance with notes of lemon.

Vegan, cruelty free, paraben free.

Cuticles Tips
  • Apply on polish-free nails.
  • A single drop for each nail is enough.
  • Massage in to soften, increase the circulation around nails and allow Precious Oil to penetrate efficiently.
  • Use an orange stick to remove dead skin and push back cuticles.
  • Wash your hands soapy clean before applying nail polish.

Size: 8ml