Nail Care - strengthener

Nail Care - strengthener

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Beat brittleness with Strong Care from Nailmatics, a powerful nail rehab shield!

If your hands are soaked in water or detergent on a regular basis? Strong Care is definitely your key partner to prevent your nails from getting too soft.

  • Restores your nails to tip-top shape.
  • Helps nails grow in strong over time.
  • Protects from brittle, great support against breakage.
  • Improves nails appearance.
  • Restores nail flexibility.
  • 83% plant-based. Strong Care's power comes from glycolic acid. This fruit acid is the holy grail of nail hardening treatment. Derived from cane sugar, beetroots and grapes extracts, it helps you seal a new nail deal.
Made in France.

1. Apply to clean, polish-free nails.
2. Apply twice a week as a standalone treatment.
3. Can also be used as a base coat.