MOKU Heather Navy Socks from Kontex
MOKU Heather Navy Socks from Kontex

MOKU Heather Navy Socks

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Comfortable and soft all-season socks from our favorite towel manufacturer Kontex. The MOKU socks that are neither too thick nor too thin, perfect for outdoor activities.

These cozy socks are made on the same looms as Kontex’s best-in-class towels and share many of the same qualities.

Featuring a comfortable fit from toe to heel, they have a slight cushion that makes them perfect for long days on your feet. The Moku sock is lined with Kontex’s plush terry and will keep your feet dry.

Unisex size M - 25-27cm (fits shoe size 37 - 44)

Materials: Cotton Pile 85%, Polyester 10%, Nylon 3%, Polyurethane 2%

Made in Imabari, Japan

Since 1934, Kontex has been crafting high-quality towels in Imabari, Japan.
Kontex towels are well-known for their natural softness, superior absorbency and lightness.
The attention to detail can be felt in every fiber of the finished product.