Kinfolk Islands Book
Kinfolk Islands Book
Kinfolk Islands Book
Kinfolk Islands Book

Kinfolk Islands Book

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The new book Kinfolk Islands takes the reader on a journey off the beaten track, to 18 islands big and small. Designed in the same understated and chic style as the Kinfolk magazine.

Filled with ideas and inspiration for where to escape, explore and unwind, Kinfolk Islands is full of vibrant photography, practical guidance and thoughtful destination coverage. Whether it’s a tour of the otherworldly landscape of Socotra in Yemen or a hike into the old growth of a forest on the Japanese island of Yakushima, each slow travel itinerary invites you to set sail at a pace that allows for true discovery and immersion.

A beautiful gift and a perfect coffee table statement.

Style: Hardcover
Pages: 265
Size: 27 x 20 cm
Language: English

Founded in Portland in 2011 and currently headquartered in Copenhagen, Kinfolk is an independent lifestyle magazine whose aesthetics and mentality of slow living have gained worldwide success.