Soapdish in oak
Cork Soap Dish
Cork Soap Dish
Cork Soap Dish

Cork Soap Dish

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Andrée Jardin’s cork soap dish holds the solid dishwashing soaps from the same brand, and replaces the plastic squeezy bottles often used for washing up.
The cork absorbs water and ensures that your soap lasts as long as possible, while providing
a good grip so it stands firmly on the sink.

Use it to keep your solid soap by the kitchen sink, ready to clean whenever you need it!

Size: 12 x 9 x 2 cm
Composition: Cork from Oak Tree

Fully biodegradable.
Made in Spain.

Andrée Jardin, founded in 1947, is a French family-run company that creates brushes and cleaning tools of the highest quality.
All of their products are expertly produced by skilled french artisans using century-old traditions from sustainably sourced beech wood and heat-treated ash, and the bristles are made from natural materials such as hog bristle, horsehair or plant fibres making them a great eco-friendly option for your home.