Anaïs Mini Hoop Earrings - Copenhagen Yellow - BLU KAT

Anaïs Mini Hoop Earrings - Copenhagen Yellow

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Cool and elegant flat mini hoop earrings in glossy Copenhagen Yellow acetate, from Danish jewelry brand AYM.

Made of petroleum-free acetate with earposts in surgical stainless steel.

Hoop outside diameter 2cm
Earposts in surgical stainless steel

This item is made in cellulose petroleum-free acetate, each jewellery piece is hand crafted and has a unique look.

Your new AYM jewellery will be delivered in a transparent zip pouch made of eco-friendly EVA. The packaging is designed with a zero-waste concept in mind and comes in two sizes. The small one is perfect for your credit cards or business cards, while the large pouch can be reused for make-up or as a travel purse when you are on the move.