LISA YANG Graphite Grey Cashmere Arm Warmers
LISA YANG Graphite Grey Cashmere Arm Warmers

Aspen Cashmere Arm Warmers - Graphite

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Aspen is a pair of stylish, plain knit arm warmers from LISA YANG. Made from premium, featherweight cashmere with thumb holes and a soft rolled edge.

Wrist warmers are perfect if you're wearing a coat with cropped sleeves, or just need an extra layer on chilly days.

Material: 100% Cashmere
Knit type: Plain Knit
Gauge: 12
Weight: 40g

Care: You won’t need to wash your cashmere after each wear, but do ensure your pieces are kept clean to avoid attracting any moths.

    • We recommend hand-washing at home using a special cashmere wash.
    • Alternatively, using a washing machine with a delicates, hand-wash or wool setting with a maximum temperature of 30°C and no spin.
    • Dry your cashmere by laying the piece flat on a towel, rolling it loosely, lightly press and then allow to air-dry flat.

    LISA YANG is a Swedish designer with a strong passoin for cashmere.
    The style of LISA YANG is cool elegance; classic shapes with a modern, often loose, fit.